Megaman ZX Advent - Part 3 (Winter Stages Are My Favorite)

By: Desilent49


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Language : English Character : Grey Difficulty : Normal Mode Part 3 - Arctice Ice Floe After receiving the next task, repairing the train, we set out to investigate 2 places which will eventually lead us to finding parts in order to repair said train. We first head to the Arctic Ice Floe, because I like winter levels in games (and they normally have good music to go with it). Though near the end we come across 2 rather, appalling individuals, a crazy fire lady and a snotty little kid. Time stamps : 0:00 - talking to random NPCs, one which gives us a game called "gem buster". Gem buster can be accessed from the start menu of the game. 1:28 - 3rd stage : Arctic Ice Floe 3:39 - Mini-Boss : Langbranch 4:19 - "Catch the moth queen" sidequest, and it's one of the fastest completed side quest(s) ever. 8:54 - Cutscene : Atlus and Thetis appear before us and speak a nonsense that only crazy people speak. Both who transform before us. Atlus is Model F's biomatch, and Theits is Model L's Biomatch. 10:19 - Chronoforce appears and he sounds quite sinister 10:47 - Boss : Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid 12:12 - Chronoforce's wonderful time controlling powers become Grey's. 14:04 - Preview of the 5th stage, Oil Field
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