Ashes You Leave - Summers End

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Ashes You Leave release new video! Croatian female fronted doom-gothic metal band ASHES YOU LEAVE have released a new video. The clip is for the song "Summers End", taken from their forthcoming 6th album "The Cure for Happiness". The band's line-up will consist: Giada "Jada" Etro -- vocals, Berislav "Bero" Poje -- vocals & lead guitar, Matija Rempesic -- guitar, Marta Batinic -- violin, Luka Petrovic -- bass guitar and Sasa Vukosav -- drums. When Ashes You Leave was formed back in '95 all the odds were against them. Back in those days dreaming about music success in war torn Croatia was just one step from being classified as a lunatic. A few young doom metal fans had a different idea. They actually decided to beat the odds and formed, what later became the biggest Croatian metal band of all times -- Ashes You Leave. The waiting is finally over, The Funeral Band is back. Video is edited by Marta Batinic. Images source: Lyrics: is this human nature are we designed this way to be unhappy, so uncertain to live in fear every day yet in the affairs of the heart we dwell naïve so childishly gullible and willing to forgive and when we're left with nothing but the choking pain we hope it will be washed away by the autumn rain if i could only find a reason to carry on not to remain lonely when the burden inside weights a ton than i could only give this wretched life a try deny only if you think this is a lie you still linger and brood over your misery but the only emotion you inspire is sympathy summers end summers end so play me a mellow tune give me a darker rhyme let's make this a sad one this is a lovelorn time summers end... we were nothing but actors in this nightmare play the trees are removing their cloaks the autumn is here to stay summers end...
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