Skyrim - All Shouts

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Want to know how to be overpowered in Skyrim? God mode is o...
Want to know how to be overpowered in Skyrim? God mode is on as this video is just to show off each shout. God mode also takes away the cooldown on shouts, spamming them like I did at some points is impossible. God mode is exclusive to PC and is done through Console Commands. SHOUT LOCATION GUIDES: Animal Allegiance: Calls all animals in your area to aid you. (Doesn't bring dragons) Aura Whisper: Shows all lifeforms around. Become Ethereal: Invincible to damage; attacking takes away effect. Call Dragon: Calls a dragon to aid you in battle. (Requires main game completion) Call of Valor: Summons Sovngarde to aid you in battle. Clear Skies: Clears skies. Disarm: Disarms enemies weapons. Dismay: Makes enemies flee. Dragonrend: Forces a dragon to land. (Requires open land) Elemental Fury: Makes you attack at lolwut speed. (Requires unenchanted weapon) Fire Breath: Breathe fire. Frost Breath: Breathe frost. Ice Form: Freezes targets in a block of ice. Kyne's Peace: Makes animals flee. Marked for Death: Targets life and armor are decreased. Slow Time: Slows time. Storm Call: Calls a storm that shoots lightning at enemies. (Might not work inside) Throw Voice: Make enemies go to where your voice is thrown. Unrelenting Force: Unleashes Skyrim physics. Whirlwind Sprint: Sprints you ahead in a burst of speed. *Phantom Form: Creates a clone for 3ish seconds to distract enemies. (Useful for Stealth gameplay) *Possible Shout I missed, not confirmed though