My American Idol Top 3 - Jessica Sanchez, Philip Phillips, Colton Dixon

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Published 10 May 2012
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[Credits to Fremantle International]  People keep on asking me who my favorites are, so I figured this is a good way to answer it.  American idol Season 11 is full of amazing talents.  At the end of the day, thinking about it, these are the three that I personally love the most:

1.  JESSICA SANCHEZ (Sweet Dreams by Beyonce):  Even without my Filipino bias, I really think that she is one of the best idol contestants ever, as Randy would say.  She is an excellent vocal technician, and pulls those nuances in the notes without any effort.  Her head tone is perfect, in the likes of Mariah Carey, and her natural tone is very rich and soulful.  She can sing anything.  I have watched some of his youtube covers, and well, obviously, Jessica has been prepared for this battle.  Hunger games, and she's number the 12!!!  As far as Im concerned, she's the winner this season.

2.  PHILIP PHILLIPS (Still Remain by Johnny Lang): This guy is a real musician.  You can see in every inch of his body movement when he is singing that he gets the music.  He is also very unique in the competition.  I also like the fact that he is not a conformist.  Wow... when he ignored Tommy Hilfiger's advise, i thought he just showed the world the kind of man that he is.  Good for him.  I love his vocals.  Very powerful.  And I have never heard him sing a bad note, which can easily happen when you're rocking that guitar like he does.  He puts some previous Idol winners to shame, really.  Philip demands attention when he sings, and you can't help it.  

3.  COLTON DIXON (Everything by Lifehouse):  Aside from his rocker hairstyle, this guy seems really genuinely nice.  I mean, he loves, his family, he loves God, and he loves music, and he plays the piano like he's ready for the world to listen.  He sings with the heart.  I also like the fact that he doesn't oversing like... uhhh... let's not mention names.  He knows how to balance his highs and lows when he sings.  His brand of music is the type I generally listen to anyway, but either way, this guy will have a career, no matter what happens.    


Heejun is a really nice guy, and i like that he adds some comic relief to this show.  

It is very possible that Skylar will be a major contender because of her country edge.  It seems to me that a lot of voters are country music lovers.  

There is a likability factor that plays out in the voting, that is why a great singer like Elise kept getting in the bottom 3.  

If you listen closely, Hollie's voice is pretty but lacks a bit of control and dynamics (the loud and soft contrast).  

I like Jennifer Lopez as a judge.  i don't care so much that they have someone like Tommy Hilfiger in the show.  Can he just stay off camera?

Ryan Seacrest is a great host.  

I love what they do with the set.  This idol stage is incredibly hi-tech!  

Of all the American Idol season, Season 11 is the one that has many contestants that are ready to hit it big in the industry.  It is hard to compare them sometimes, and to choose because their styles are different.

[THE CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO FOX, Fremantle International, AND AMERICAN IDOL.  THIS EPISODE IS AIRED 3/28/2012, Top 9 Perform Their Music Idols.  Thanks.]
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