Hydrogen Cell HHO Dual 4 Wall Plate - Home Depot (Car Trial)

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7th Documented Video Test of a *NEW* DUAL 4 Plate HHO Cell w/ Tap Water and Baking Soda as Electrolyte (1/2...
7th Documented Video Test of a *NEW* DUAL 4 Plate HHO Cell w/ Tap Water and Baking Soda as Electrolyte (1/2 teaspoon). HHO-Cell Test: 1 Liter per Minute Output This is just a TRIAL RUN idle: Nissan Altima (1998) 2.4Liter Engine - 4 Cylinder. MPG: (Stock) 28-city/36-highway Heat is a HUGE consideration when dealing with these type of hho-cells. First off, you will get a type of run-away effect once you get temperature spike of upwards 140°-180°F. Once this occurs your run-away results in HUGE Amperage increase on the hho-cell. This is something to consider because it is under your hood of your car with an engine specifically set-up to run 220°F or more if stuck in traffic. Ideas for cooling must be thought about, especially with a small cell like ours that you see here. Plus the winter is near, so I believe the placement near the exhaust header is perfect. Also, another bump in the road is the fact of freezing temperatures in our cell when not in use during the cold months. Possibly Alcohol additive for a type of Anti-freeze??? Anyone with any ideas please be sure to share them with us. Other modifications prior to this video included: newer design upgraded to weatherproof enclosure, modified with a plexiglass (quarter inch think) viewing window for study. Further upgraded to the cell Stinger 4-gauge wire with the addition of 8-gauge audio power cables also. With electrician grade heavy duty crimp down connectors, similar to stay-cons. The actual plates are 98% of the components being stainless steel (non magnetic) screws/bolts to further our experiments. Spacing is around 1/16th of an Inch. This set-up is regarding a dual 4 wall plate config, store bought from Home Depot. Baking Soda is our electrolyte. The plates are configured to be 2+(pos) and 2-(neg) .. or can be switched around. [+][-][+][-] x2 Thanks for viewing my videos..