NBA 2K12 My Player - Better on the Road

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Uploaded on March 29, 2012 by Smoove7182954 Powered by YouTube

Our win streak is at 12. Is it the shoes or are we ready to be a contender now? My dunk progression is shown off pretty well in this video. Each game as I upgraded the attribute my dunks got better.

Intro theme music from Vinay!

2:36 Josh Smith cuts backdoor for oop
4:10 Dual com from near half court
4:22 Tony Parker layup
5:35 You know the rules followed by press conference
7:05 Smoove to Smoove pick and roll
7:34 Avoiding the block
7:58 Patented fake pass oop!
8:37 Jamal Crawford cheesing again
8:50 Do you hear that music?
10:34 Full court press leads to Smoove to Smoove

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