Antonov 225 Mriya the Biggest Plane in the World

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Antonov 225 in Mobile Alabama.The "Antonov AN-225 "Mriya" is the world's largest aircraft. It has payload capacity of 250 tonnes and was designed and manufactured at O.K.Antonov ASTC in 1988. Unlike any other commercially available aircraft, the An-225 has the ability to carry external loads of up to 90 tonnes mounted on its "roof rack" also.The An-225 was designed for the Soviet space program as a replacement for the Myasishchev VM-T 'Atlant'. Able to airlift the Energia rocket's boosters and the Buran space shuttle in captive carry, its mission was almost identical to that of the American Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.In November of 2004, FAI placed the An-225 in the Guinness Book of Records for its 240 records and overall outstanding aerial performance.During a test flight in September 2001, the aircraft broke 124 separate FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) world records.

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