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App Link . App features 1,000+ original Hollywood Movies just $6.99 This final of four editions on the history of the Sex Symbol; The Kittens. We look at the lives and legends of the sexiest women on the planet today. Jessica Alba, Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johansson Adriana Lima, Deeta Von Teese, Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr, Kylie Minogue Megan Gale, Anna Nicole Smith, Rihanna, Kim Basinger Pamela Anderson, Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz Megan Fox, Eva Green, Beyoncé Knowles, Chloe Sevigny. Modern beauty lives under a microscope. Possibly never before in the history of civilization have gorgeous women in the spotlight received so much scrutiny. Be they royalty or rap star, we know them from the red carpet and we know them from the 7-11. We know them from their hacked cell phones and leaked sex tapes and we know them from the endless mill of gossip that fuels their fame. Somehow this is accepted as the price of contemporary stardom and the kitten/siren/starlet/muse keeps her lovely head up, maintaining some unexpected views and some unpredictable responses to the adulation and the media mauling. But compelling beauty begs this question: why this face and not other? Why are some women radiating sexual goddesses and the rest merely accomplished, pretty or...just very nice. The mystique of sexual attraction transcends time. And despite the almost forensic attention to diet, exercise and surgical enhancement, there is no scientific equation for that essence of desire. Certain creatures possess the primal spark, no matter how many bad tattoos they get or limousines they fall out of. Somehow the more accidental the power, the better. Chloe Sevigny, a fashionista and art house film maverick admits that her face is "not interesting enough and not pretty enough" but she still has the bullet proof body of a pole dancer and the innate style of a thousand good looks on The Sartorialist. She was christened a New York "IT" girl before she made a single film but then it was also revealed that she could act. Quite brilliantly. Her mouth looks like it is about to swear. Her eyes are deceptively sleepy. She's got something. And it is fragile. We want to watch her, dressed as a boy or dressed as a Mormon wife or famously teetering in Balenciaga boots. In a sea of cookie cutter noses her asymmetry looks something like revolutionary and it is the small nuances that feed the myth. And confer class. The 'Sexbombs' series chronicles the history of the sex symbol in contemporary culture by exploring the lives of these icons and recounting them in a lavish fashion with detailed biographies, images, music, films and interactivity. This groundbreaking App series of four parts, Sirens, Golden Boys, Young Guns and Kittens documents the lives and legends of the 100 sexiest people of all time. This App series features not only words and images, but also an extensive film library. Available from Amazon books and better book sellers, and as ebooks on Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and other book sellers. You can also join the group FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST 2011 on Facebook for updates. Fashion Industry Broadcast's "SEXBOMBS" is a series: SEXBOMBS Vol 1 Golden Boys SEXBOMBS Vol 2 Sirens SEXBOMBS Vol 3 Young Guns SEXBOMBS Vol 4 Kittens Fashion Industry Broadcast is a leading publisher of lifestyle titles, made and distributed globally as books, e-books and Apps. Fashion Industry Broadcast supports a number of important charities that provide funding for critical medical research, medicines, animal and human rights. A percentage of every book, e-book and App sold goes towards supporting these vital causes. This multi edition set has been created as a colour coffee table book set $39.99, e-books for $9.99 from Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Stanza and Kobo. A very special video rich multimedia App version with 1000+ original videos, interviews, runway shows, behind the scenes at fashion shoots and advertisements, is available through Apple's iTunes App store and other major App stores for just $6.99. Look for "SEXBOMBS" on the Apple App store. Contact
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