Régi Magyar Nóták (1)

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Pali Marci and Kocsis Pista sing a few old Hungarian songs at the Csipkeszegi dance house in Szék.

Pali Marci - violin (0040-745475378)
Sipos Márton - kontra
Lakatos Nelu - double bass


Szék, (Sic) in Transylvania/Romania is the cradle of the Hungarian dance houses all over the world.

Szék: the village where they still live like more than 50 years ago. People older than 45 years still daily wear the traditional costumes. And Sunday or a celebration nap, the people go to church in their best traditional clothes.

In Szék we have 3 long streets. Felszeg, Forrószeg and Csipkeszeg. In former days every street had their own 'táncház; And every 'táncház' had their own musicians.

Only the Csipkeszegi táncház still exists nowadays, and also we can see the rebuilded Forrószegi táncház in Csipkeszeg. In this táncház you can see the famous dance house pictures of Korniss Péter, which he took in Szék in 1967 and 1970. It is a permanent exhibition and open during the whole year.

Many times a year the Csipkeszeg Foundation organizes dance houses in Szek for young and old.

Also we have a Bed & Breakfast for everyone who like to stay a few days in Szék.

For more information about the activities of the Foundation see:

For more information about the Bed & Breakfast see:

Tel. 0040 747212988 or 0040 264228222

Hope to meet you in Szék

Yours truly,

Michel van Langeveld
Csipkeszeg Foundation

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