No Room for Gerold

By: filmbilder


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After ten long years in the flat, Gerold the crocodile is being thrown out. Is there a conspiracy against him? Does newcomer Ellen the wildebeest have something to do with it? One thing is for sure - the wild days are now just a distant memory.

3D computer animation, 4 min

Script, direction: Daniel Nocke
Design, production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Animation: Anja Perl, Heidi Wittlinger, Volker Willmann
Studio Film Bilder, 2006

Animation, 3D, CGI, Animals, Crocodiles, Wildbeast, Hippo, Roommates, Gerold, Daniel Nocke, Studio Film Bilder, Meyer-hermann, Flat-share, Kitchen, Mobbing, Trickfilm, Comedy
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