Dante and Lulu 5/5/2010 Scenes Part 2 Dante and Lulu Make Love!

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Dante lights a candle.Lulu is standing beside the couch.They kiss,heavily.Music starts playing.She is undoing his shirt.She pulls it off.Lulu says something is going to interrupt them,like a relative or asteroid.Dante says nothing will interrupt them.She undoes his belt.They kiss more.Lulu pulls away & says is he sure?He says yes.Its just them.She pulls off her shirt.They kiss more.He is kissing her chest.She is kissing his neck.They are feeling each other up.He lifts her up for a straddle.They move to the bed.He lays her down.He stares into her eyes,and she is looking back.He feels her body.Stares at her.Strokes her hair,then kisses her.He is kissing her stomach and goes down.He pulls off her pants.She is laying there.They get up and kiss.He starts pulling her hair to the side,then slides her bra off.They are feeling each other up.Lulu is laying on top of Dante.His hands are going up her back.They are kissing.They turn over in the sheets.He kisses her chest some more.Lulu is laying there.They are positioned,sitting up.they stare into each other's eyes.They lay in bed.Lulu says she loves Dante.He kisses her hand and says he loves her too.He kisses her head.End of the show.

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