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We've done our best over the years, trying to find tiny cameras that you can attach to helicopters but there's always been something that's not quite right..... Enter the Spy Cam helicopter from Silverlit. This gyro-enabled helicopter has a 1.3 megapixel camera built in so you can film your epic flight or even take sneaky pictures of your friends as you fly over their heads!

It's easy to fly and gives super stable flight due to the gyroscope inside. This means that even though your piloting skills might not be top-notch, your pictures will be! The camera is even adjustable so you can be sure you're getting the best angle for that incriminating shot. Trigger buttons on the remote control handset allow ease of use and mean that you can still concentrate on avoiding mum's prize ornaments whilst becoming the next David Bailey!

There's PC software included so you can adjust the photo and video settings (such as photo quality and brightness). You can even add effects like sepia and shoot in artsy black and white! Once your masterpiece has been created why not upload your pictures or video automatically to Facebook or Twitter by syncing your accounts? 'Live view' will also enable you to use the helicopter like a webcam when plugged in!

All in all, this is one impressive and easy to fly helicopter packed full of excellent features. What better way to annoy your work colleagues than filming them getting cross with you?

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