Trouble in Terrorist Town: The Man in The Orange Room

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Hutch: Adam: Jordan: Chilled: Explanation of the gametype: When a player plays TTT, they will be divided up into three different groups. The groups are Innocent, Detective, and Traitor. All groups can kill other players. The Innocent are the majority. Their group color is green. A traitor is shown as an innocent to everyone, except for other traitors. As an innocent player, you are the most vulnerable. Innocent players risk being killed by Traitors and being wrongly accused of being a Traitor. They also cannot buy equipment. The player can pick up weapons and use them against would-be killers, but normally, players will be killed, due to the surprise nature of the attack. The Detectives are the smallest group in TTT. Their group color is blue. Their job is to find out who the Traitors are. A Detective is generally a high profile target to Traitors, due to the Detective's ability to use their DNA scanners to scan bodies which yields evidence. Detectives, when searching bodies, can find extra information, like who he last saw. The Detectives can retrieve unspent equipment credits from dead Detectives and Traitors. Also, all Detectives get a credit when a Traitor is confirmed to be dead. The Traitors are the medium sized group in TTT. Their group color is red, but this is not displayed to anyone other than Traitors, or when a Traitor has been confirmed to be dead. Their job is to kill all of the Innocent players. Traitors have the toughest job because of how the Innocent normally group together. This disadvantage, however, can be their greatest strength, as when two or more Traitors team up, they can take down the entire group. Of course, other players will grow suspicious when players start disappearing. Be prepared to get scanned, killed, or have to do some killing. Traitors, like Detectives, can buy equipment, mostly weapons. Like Detectives, Traitors can retrieve unspent equipment credits from dead Detectives and Traitors, and will be rewarded with a credit when a Detective is confirmed to be dead. What I'm doing in the video: I am playing as a traitor. On this map there is a secret room that is only accessible to traitors by use of an invisible button on the wall. In this room is a button that controls the room that you can see through the glass. It closes the doors and fills the room with water, drowning anyone inside. My goal is to get in the room without being seen and wait for paranoia to set in. On the other side of the room I control is a scanner that will tell you if a player is an Innocent or a Traitor. The fact that this room exists makes everyone set on scanning all players on the server. Once I'm in the orange room I'm trying to keep the other players from accessing the scanner and cause even more chaos. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates and my TwitchTV page to know when I'm live streaming: - Twitter:!/AllShamNoWow - Live Stream:
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