Just to See You Smile Lyrics By Tim McGraw

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Thank You to everyone that viewed my video especially since it has 200,000 views! This is my second lyric video and i made it cause i got bored and it was raining. Subscribe if you want. Comment and rate please, and i do take video responses so feel free to post those. I have 5 other lyric videos and those are "I Told You So"and "Won't Let You Down" both By Keith Urban, "My Wish" and "These Days" both By Rascal Flatts, and "She's Everything" By Brad Paisley, so feel free to check those out. Anyways I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. I need some more ideas for some lyric videos, I can never pick a song to do next, so give me a song and the artists name if you want a lyric video of the song and more than likely i will make a video of it! I make a new lyric video everyday and you can see the video for today and tommorrow on my YouTube Channel if you want to know the next song!

P.S. Thanks for the 5 stars :)

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