Pokemon Colosseum Tower Colosseum Final Battle

By: sppFox


Uploaded on August 04, 2006 by sppFox Powered by YouTube

This is the final Battle in 1 on 1 which I decided to go at since I got bored. I forgot to set properties correctly, so there is no sound. I apologize for that. Personally, I think I got lucky in this battle lol.

2011 Update: So, some people love to not read the description lol To those that do, thanks! In about 2008 when YouTube added audioswap, I put the music in since it matched in length and was somewhat easy to find and because the video had NO AUDIO before as stated in the original description above. This was also before the 9001^42 videos put this or other songs into the "this song is played way too much" category :o

With modern YouTube technology, I have added something for the ears. I doubt it fits well with the video, but at least it's something.

Update: To answer a common question:
Why this song? Well, when YouTube introduced the option to audioswap, I spent some time looking. I figure something's better than nothing. I came to this song based on length, and overall it isn't a bad song. Yeah, its overplayed, some say its emo, whatever. At least its not a Rickroll, or one of those songs you see on every other montage video. It is what it is, and if you don't like it, you can just mute it and play your own background music or stop watching :D

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