Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley

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Hokay, so, in lieu of proper sheet music, I decided to arrange my favorite KH / KH2 songs for piano. In chronological order:

[00:00] Dearly Beloved
[01:25] Hikari
[02:57] Organization XIII
[03:53] Roxas
[04:59] Kairi
[05:43] Waltz of the Damned
[06:50] This is Halloween
[08:11] Scherzo di Notte
[08:53] Hallow Bastion
[09:50] Rowdy Rumble
[10:21] Darkness of the Unknown
[10:58] Pirate's Gigue
[11:25] Dance to the Death
[12:08] The 13th Dilemma
[13:14] Fragments of Sorrow
[13:52] Destati
[14:53] Guardando Nel Buio
[15:23] Hand in Hand
[16:02] Friends in my Heart
[17:05] Treasured Moments

I improvised the entire medley; I had a bit of help from ichigo's ( with Hikari and I wrote some sheets for Hallow Bastion and Darkness of the Unknown myself.

I would have included a lot more songs, since the soundtrack is just plainly incredible, but 20's a good number and 19:43mins is already pushing it. (Sorry to you "Passion" fans) KH / KH2 music (c) Disney, Hikaru Utada, Yoko Shimomura, Squaresoft, Square-Enix, other people; This is Halloween (c) Danny Elfman. Please don't sue me. Note: this is my first (recorded) piano piece, so please flame politely.

EDIT: Um. for some reason youtube didn't like my video and decided to meddle with the audio and video synchronization. *shrugs*

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