Airbus Beluga TAKEOFF

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The strange and very weird looking Airbus A300-600ST is seen taking off from the wing factory at Broughton for it's flight to Finkenwerder in Hamburg, Germany/Toulouse France.


The Airbus site at Broughton is responsible for the construction of the wings for the very popular, small, narrowbody A320 series of aircraft which includes the A318, A319, A320 and A321 as well as the larger widebody A330 and A340.

The problem is that the assembly buildings for these aircraft are either in Finkenwerder in Hamburg, Germany (the A320 Series) or in Toulouse, France (A330/A340 Series).

This is where the amazing Airbus A300-600ST Beluga aircraft comes in. This surprisingly moderate sized plane is used to transport the finished wings to those assembly buildings.

Carrying up to three pairs of wings these aircraft continually fly back and fourth between Airbus plants getting parts delivered for the final assembley.

The Broughton factory is also used to build the massive wings of the A380. This work is carried out in the new state of the art Airbus factory on the other side of the Runway. However, the Beluga due to it's size cannot carry these wings. Instead they are shipped by sea via the River Dee located close by.

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