IMATS / NYC HAUL 2012 (Makeup & Clothes)

By: ayydubs


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OPENNNN ME!!! CALL ME MAYBE VIDEO!! My Links: TWITTER- FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: DAILYBOOTH: BEAUTYLISH: INSTAGRAM: Ayydubs IMATS WEBSITE: My name is Alyx, or Ayydubs on the internet. I post videos weekly about college, dating, friends, beauty, fashion, makeup and more. I share embarrassing stories, awkward experiences and sometimes I share a little more than I should... My channel includes lifestyle and advice videos. I basically post my entire life on here... so enjoy my online diary. If you just can't get enough ayydubs then make sure to check out my vlog channel (TheyDailyDubs) where I do follow me around vlogs at college and with my friend Trudy!
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