Illyrian Sheepdog - Deltari Ilir - Qeni Sharrit

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DELTARI ILIR - ILLYRIAN SHEEPDOG Illyrian Sheepdog is an autochthonous breed, established thousand years ag...
DELTARI ILIR - ILLYRIAN SHEEPDOG Illyrian Sheepdog is an autochthonous breed, established thousand years ago in Illyrian (Balkan) Peninsula. In the last 100 years in light of the morphological aspect of designation and the character (characteristics) have been represented in a deviated manner to the worlds general opinion. Although, it is being presented that this breed it is the identical breed, which has been initially registered in FCI as Illyrian Sheepdog in 1939, and thereon through the continued persistence of Yugoslav Sinology Federation in 1957 the naming of this breed has been changed to "Sarplaninac". Illyrian Sheepdog is full of strength, large, good posture, long haired, irreplaceable shepherd and good care taker. It is very strong with impressive appearance, massive head, and compact build, with strong and muscular legs. It has a fiery eye look is intelligent and it is very brave. It has a sincere character and is very sharp when it is required but not aggressive. BODY: It is slightly longer in width then height, index size for male dogs is 104-108 cm whereas for female dogs is 106-110. Height in Male Dogs: 67-75cm Height in Female Dogs: 62-70cm Weight in Male Dogs: 46-60kg Weight in Female Dogs: 30-50kg Over 50% of exemplar male dogs dominates the height of 70cm whereas in female dogs 66cm. HEAD: Head length in male dogs is 27-32cm with an average of 30cm whereas, in female dogs 24-29cm with an average of 27cm. The proportion skull-muzzle, in mail dogs 17,4cm: 12,6cm whereas in female dogs 15,3cm : 11,7cm, report 60:40 muzzle compose 2/5 of head whereas the skull 3/5 in male dogs and 5/9 in female dogs. COLOUR: In Illyrian Sheepdog we have several varieties of colors where in relation to percentage dominate: Tiger Color with 30%, grey color with all the varieties 20%, Yellow color with black muzzle 20%, white color 20% and counter mask (muzzle). HAIR: Long In the below photo you are able to see the Illyrian Sheepdog angle parameters.