Bus Driver & Her Daughter Use Physically Force on Teen !



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Sammy Taylor Age 15, was first asked by the Bus Driver Kim Sullivan Age 54 to quit down, then Sammy try's to walk off the bus & Kim uses Physical Force to keep her on, Sammy then try's to call her 2 times & Kim takes the the cell each time, & the last she possiblely breaks sammy's Phone. then later Sammy Tries to get her Cell, & Kim Physically Beats Sammy & Polls her Hair, & Sammy tries to deffened herself ! then from the Middle of the bus Kim's Daughter Erin age 16, tried to Help her Mother, in doing so she pulled Sammy's Hair & beat her a few times, then Sammy's Friend's & a few of the other students tried to Break up the Stroggle between Erin & Sammy ! then Sammy tried to get to the do & kim holded on to sammy to keep her from leaving ! then all the Students including Sammy Exited the bus useing the lelft side emergency door, only 3 students remained ! one of the 3 asked Kim is she was a right !

Now that this tape is on the net, people around the world are giving this video a big Debate on who was right or wrong !

Sammy Taylor, or Kim & Erin Sullivan ?

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