(Airsoft) How to Reload Your Airsoft Gun During a Game.

By: KhanSeb


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This video is about reloading.

It's in french. Because :

- I'm french.
- My spoken english is not good.
- There is already a lot of english tutorial, but only a few in french.

I puted a few annotations to help understanding for english viewers.

In the begining, I'm saying that I'm not a professionnel trained soldier. So my technics should be used only for airsoft.

I°) "Orientation des chargeurs". It shows how I put my magazines in my pouchs.
II°) "Rechargement rapide". It's "speed reload". Quick but you can break your magazines and forget them on the floor.
III°) "Rechargement avec dump pouch". Dump pouch reload. It's about reloading with a dump pouch.
IV°) "Rechargement sans dump pouch". Reload without dump pouch.
V°) "Pistol reload". It's about reloading your back up airsoft.

My vest is a J*TECH AEGIS BODY ARMOR, a taiwan brand. I bought it on the J*TECH website.

The gun is a M4 sopmod tokyo marui, bought on uncompany for about 500 USD.

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