N°1 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam Bolt 410fps VaVAnN

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Test camera sur Bolt Maruzen (manuel) 410fps a la 0,20g, bille utilisé 0,40g devil jaune, Terrain http://west-airsoft.fr dans le 29, Joueur Vavann

La camera n'était pas centré correctement. J'ai quelques améliorations a apporter.
Camera: HDC TM 300 panasonic en ZoomX9
Backup : MK23 marui
Sniper : maruzen type 96 (bolt)
ghillie Ultralight UL-1J & UL-1P Woodland de chez bushrag.com: http://vavann56.free.fr/airsoft/photos/2006-11-05%20terrain%20shep/ppages/ppage93.htm

Voici une photo du montage camera sans ses protections
Le viseur est ajouté au montage vidéo sur AdobePremier CS5

Test of a video camera on a Maruzen Bolt 410fps with 0,20g, yellow 0,40g "devil" used on the video.
Player nickname Vavann
http://west-airsoft.fr Field (France)
The camera was not centred correctly. I have some improvements to make next time.

Camera: HDC TM 300 panasonic at ZoomX9
Backup : MK23 marui
Sniper : maruzen type 96 (bolt)
ghillie ultralihte UL-1J & UL-1P Woodland from bushrag.com: http://vavann56.free.fr/airsoft/photos/2006-11-05%20terrain%20shep/ppages/ppage93.htm

Here a picture of the stuff without protections
the crosshairs is added after on AdobePremier CS5

--upgrade part of the bolt

--Spring for better distance and faster BB:
First Factory - PSS2 m130 Spring for APS2 (good wise 0,36gBB)

--A cylindre / piston reliable for M130 & more:
First Factory - PSS2 Piston Head for APS2
First Factory - 3 Element Piston for APS2 & Type 96
Laylax PSS96 Smooth Spring Guide for Maruzen TYPE 96
Laylax PSS96 Teflon Cylinder for Maruzen APS Type 96
Laylax Damper Cylinder Head for APS Type 96

--A very light trigger, which will prevent you from moving while firing (you will lose the security):
Laylax Zero Trigger set for Maruzen APS Type 96

--A better accuracy
PDI Hop Up for Maruzen Type 96
Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel for SG550 ( 534mm ) (to long for original gun but ok wise a flash-hider the original size is 498mm )
2 Barrel spacer for Type96

Acheté sur / Bought on http://www.wgcshop.com ( in 2004 )

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