Chupacabra Found in Texas. [18+]

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A mystical creature known as the chupacabra has been killed in south Texas. The chupacabra has no hair and looks like a mix of part dog and part wolf. Chupacabra in known to mean goatsucker and is associated as being a Mexican Bigfoot creature where only sightings have been reported. No one actually had proof of the chupacabra until now. According to CNN, a taxidermist from Texas has the creature known as the chupacabra that one of the school's former students caught in his cousin's barn.

All the news outlets are swarming upon the taxidermist shop in Texas just to get a glimpse of the animals. There were no known pictures of the chupacabra, but know people can take their own chupacabra pictures from a real animal.

The video can be found here,

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