Competetive Swimmers - The Malibu Wellness After-Swim Solution

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Published 5 Jul 2010
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The Wellness Solution to Swimmers' Hair that's safe, gentle and it works!

Exposing your hair to pool water...
The Wellness Solution to Swimmers' Hair that's safe, gentle and it works!

Exposing your hair to pool water can cause the following adverse effects to hair:

    * Feels dry and brittle
    * Feels  gummy & has a fiberglass appearance
    * Discolored (blondes turn green & brunettes darker)
    * Difficult to comb through; tangles easily
    * Moves in sections; clumps together
All of these issues can be prevented by using the After-Swim Solution - Malbu Wellness Actives.

Your hair isn't the only part of your body affected by pool and spa water. Your scalp and skin may be experiencing adverse affects as well, including extreme dryness, itchiness and flaking. Use the After-Swim Wellness Actives may be used from head to toe to remove the residual buildup of chlorine or any oxidizers used to treat the pool.

About Malibu Wellness:
Malibu Wellness, Inc. was founded by Tom Porter and his wife Deb in Malibu, California in 1985, the first company to develop products with fresh-dried Vitamin C and Vitamin E for external use. The company has been formulating and marketing these unique technologies under the brand names Malibu and EC Mode.

The company's philosophy is Total Oxidation Management, which is about understanding the connection between the environment and the human body, and salons and their clients are finding solutions to common hair and skin conditions using this approach.

Total Oxidation Management recognizes that oxidation is the process that results in the formation of free radicals, the culprits which appear to cause aging. The company is built upon the philosophy that if you manage your oxidation, you prevent the formation of free radicals, thereby slowing the aging process and the signs of aging.
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