DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.5

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Uploaded on April 16, 2010 by WoDotA Powered by YouTube
like this:
here is the rule:
1. when you want to send your replay, send it to if you pm me and tell me to download from somewhere, it would be ignored.
2. when you want to ask for other issues, pm me on youtube directly. if you send an email asking those issues to, it would be ignored.

well, here is the WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.5

thx to m4tth3 ( ) for uploading the first 4 volumes and I'm Nada III. It should be my work lol.

For more epic DotA videos please visit and stay tuned here.

Next volume will be for Ancient Apparition only. And SK.Exia_CN said he will change the music in next volume lol. If you have any advice on which music to be choosed please comment here. Thank you very much.

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