*Sylvia Likens* An American Crime Very Sad *Ellen Page*

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An American Crime~ This is a very sad movie about a true story that happened in Indiana in October 1965.
16 year old Sylvia and her younger sister Jenny stayed in the care of Gertrude Beniszewski while their parents worked the carnival..But then Gertrude began abusing Slvia...She was tortured and beaten to death by Gertrude , her son Johnny, and the neighborhood kids.
Three days b4 her death of a brain hemorage and shock, Gertrude and Ricki (a neighborhood boy) carved the words, "I'AM A PROSTITUTE AND PROUD OF IT!" on her stomach with a hot needle.
Gerturde, her daughter Paula and son Johnny, Ricki and Coy all went to jail for the death of Sylvia, even though the other neighborhood kids participated in abusing Sylvia, none of them got punished. Sylvia's case was the first crime of child abuse brought to light, hopfully preventing further crimes similar to hers.....

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