FreeMasons and Mormonism [18+]

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This is a clip from a documentary entitled " Secret Mysteries Of Americas Beginnings".

The interesting part is the link to Mormonism. The mason murdered for exposing the Freemasons Initiation Ceremony ( which Smith plageurised for the Mormon Endowment) was William Morgan ( who's wife later became another of Joseph Smith's polygamous wives).

Those familiar with Mormonsim will see the obvious link to secret blood oaths as practiced in the LDS Temples until 1990 . Mormons would take an Oath and enact the death penalty of throat slitting for revealing the LDS Temple secrets. It was taken out of TheLDS Endowment Ceremony in 1990 together with the other Masonic ritual of the five points of fellowship at the veil.

For more information about the documentary just google for " Secret Mysteries Of Americas Beginnings".

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