Ben 10 - Heaven Forbid

By: RasmineStitches


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I do not own Ben 10 or Heaven Forbid. I own nothing but my poi equipment.

The story behind this video:

Ken gets into a fight with his dad, and goes for a fly with his hoverboard, meeting up with Devlin (I think that's Kevin's son's name... correct me if I'm wrong.) along the way. The two of them sit down to talk, and then they get into a fight with Kevin. Kevin continues this fight, and whilst the quarrel is going on, Ben and Devlin look back on the happy times, (the happy times are the sepia tone parts) trying to get themselves motivated. But with Devlin having to fight his own dad, and Ken having gotten into a fight with his dad, things don't go as planned. Finally, in the end, Devlin gets thrown to the ground by his dad, and Ken goes off to fight Kevin by himself. Devlin gets upset and runs away in tears. The last sepia tone part is how the two of them wish it could have been at the time.

Song: Heaven Forbid by The Fray
Clips: Ben 10
Episode: Ken 10 (I only used ONE EP yaaay!!! :) )
A Boaa Production.

Ben 10, Ken, Devlin, Kevin, 10000, 11000, Alien, Heaven, Forbid, The, Fray, Boaa, Music & Dance
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