Top 5 Kill Cams of The Week: Week 2 (MW2 Gameplay)

By: machinima


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Modern Warfare 2: Top 5 Kill Cams of The Week: Week 2 (Call of Duty: MW2 Gameplay)

Hello Machinima viewers, this is OpTic Gaming's WEEK 2 installment of Top 5 Kill Cams of The Week.

It's pretty self explanatory: get a really entertaining shot as the game-winning Kill and you may end up at the # 1 spot!!!

If you have a Game Winning Kill Cam that you'd like to submit, please email a zshare/Filefront link (We have to be able to preview the video)

Entries for each week are reviewed and rated by Thursday night for a Friday release.

If you would like to get better acquainted with OpTic Gaming please be sure to visit their channel at:


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