Beauty and the Beast: Exalted "Bonanza"

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[Please read] Inger Stevens (as Emiley Pennington) and Dan Blocker (as "Hoss" Cartwright) lend thei...
[Please read] Inger Stevens (as Emiley Pennington) and Dan Blocker (as "Hoss" Cartwright) lend their superlative talents to an early "glory" episode of the TV Western series BONANZA. A magnificent take on the "Beauty and the Beast" theme, dignified and noble. Initially regarding "Hoss" with aversion, Emiley is won over by his kindly, thoughtful, caring ways. He, in turn, falls in love with her. Discovering she is terminally ill, Emiley tries to spare "Hoss," leaving him one of the most bittersweet memories in the entire history of his character's life on television. Priceless drama. --Footage excerpted from BONANZA's First Season, Episode Three: "The Newcomers." --Originally aired on September 26, 1959. --An inspired script by ace series contributor: Thomas Thompson. --Thoughtful direction by another who would become a regular series contributor: Christian Nyby. --Location filming at Big Bear, California. According to the Leiby "Reference Guide to Televisions BONANZA": 'Before this episode was aired, the public, cast, area brass and network representatives attended a preview at the Granada Theatre in Reno, Nevada.' BONANZA was created by David Dortort. IMPORTANT: Questions or comments are sincerely welcome—but only if they are nice, clean, and comprehendible. If you are a professional and prefer that I delete this video, please contact me and it will promptly be done. Video dedicated with enthusiasm to the memories of Inger Stevens and Dan Blocker. Want more Inger? So did I. Consider playing my other YouTube video--"INGER STEVENS: Dignity and the Western Woman"--for an expansive review of her work in the Westerns.