Lady GaGa - Bad Romance - The Sims 2 HD

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Introducing, my version of Bad Romance! So many people helped me with the outfits so I want to give them A ...
Introducing, my version of Bad Romance! So many people helped me with the outfits so I want to give them A LOT of credit by putting their usernames up on my video itself! Thank you so much guys! Wondering how they helped out? Well, read this list!: GoldGuySims: for the white crown JasonSimzz: for suggesting to use a capsule, but I didnt use it Dx sorry! I couldnt find it in my game after I downloaded it...Also, thank you for the skeleton. HausofGaGaMusic: For the idea of using a "dance sphere" as a orbit dress. IITechnoMickyII: For telling me were to get the necklaces outfit (I just imported the mesh to another, and recolored it). It is found at Peggy Sims, but I might upload a better version (my version) on GaGaSims. Serkiro: For the "Alexander McQueen" hair. I just remeshed it and recolored it. It's found at RoseSims2**** Tyrn06: For the Dress Mesh in the beginning, The Black crown, and the Alexander Mcqueen outfit. I just recolored the Alexander McQueen Outfit and kind of remeshed the Dress Outfit from the beginning. Max2Sims2: For the custom animations! They're awesome! (Can be found in their website, link in their channel) I would love to thank you guys SO much! The video wouldn't be complete without your help! -Notes- Yes, I know that there are some parts with messed up quality. It's something with my editing program. And It was really hard to do the very last part-I couldn't find a burnt bed to download! So, I used HausofGaGa's idea again (sorry!) of putting her and the skeleton on the floor with ashes. Please check out their version! Also, you guys should check out Max2Sims, and GoldGuySims' upcoming Bad Romance video. *wink* They have some previews uploaded already! I really hope you guys like my video! I worked really hard on it! Probably the HARDEST video I have ever done yet! -HONORS- #17 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #19 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #28 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #64 - Most Viewed (Today) - Film & Animation - Ireland