The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Playthrough Part 16

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In this part, we complete the Lakebed Temple and bring Midna over to Zelda. These are the items obtained in this part: Piece of Heart #18: With the water level fully raised, use the white bridge (which should now lead you to the other side of the room) to find a gate blocking a Treasure Chest. Use the Iron Boots to open the gate by stepping on the switch with them, then use the Clawshot to grab on to one of the targets and fly into the area before the gates close. Open the Chest for the Piece of Heart. Fused Shadow #3: Here is the last Fused Shadow we need. This one is guarded by the boss known as "Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel". This is definitely one of the better water bosses in the series. In the first phase, you must grab Morpheel's wandering eye with the Clawshot to rip it out, then slas hit as many times as you can to damage it. Watch out for Morpheel's tentacles and other attacks. After enough hits, Morpheel will swim around the place with its fully-exposed body. Take off the Iron Boots and follow it. Now, you need to use the Clawshot to latch on its eye again and stab it as many times as you can. Keep doing this until Morpheel is defeated for the final Fused Shadow. Heart Container #3: After Morpheel is defeated, a Heart Container will appear. Grab it for an extra Heart for Link's life energy. Poe Soul #1: In Jovani's house, you will find the first Poe. Stun it as Wolf Link, then yank its Soul out to obtain it. Poe Souls are needed to free Jovani from the curse he was set on. He will give you some prizes along the way. Remember that you can only see Poe Souls as Wolf Link and that you can only hunt for them at night if they're outside.
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