Night by Elie Weisel

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-We chose 'When You Believe' because its stating when you have faith in something anythings possible. As well as, because it was recorded for the 'Prince of Egypt' based of the book of Exodus in the Bible. The Holocaust marks yet another time of Jewish captivity, the first being undercontrol of the Egyptians, now the Nazis.
-We chose the first qoute and picture because it shows that the Jews weren't ashamed of thier religion. The picture depicts two young boys wearing their symbol of pride.
-The second quote was of the deceased father and son, so we chose a picture of the headstones of a father and son. Elie witnessed this at only 15 years of age.
-The third quote shows a former concentration camp detainee, lifting his arm to reveal his 'new' name. It fit perfectly to pair this quote and this picture together.
-The fourth quote was of a man soon to be executed showing & expressing the hope he had for a reformation of Europe. The picture shows a man being executed at the edge of a mass grave, looking into the camera as if he were taking this one for his people.
-In the fifth quote it states Hitler was the only man who carried out his dredful promises to the Jews, even though they were promises not to look forward to. We chose a simple picture of the man himself to go alongside the quote.
-The sixth quote & picture show/tell of the entrance gate to Auschiwtz, were it says ARBIET MACHT FREI (translated work makes you free).
-The seventh shows how men and women were segregated during this depressing time.
-The eighth is depicting the uncertanty of why this and that, in a form of lost hope.
-The last quote and picture (the pic being Michaelangelo's painting of God in the Sistine Chapel) are focused on the doubt of God's ability. That he's done nothing, so he must of been lynched as well.

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