"Cowboy Killer"-Performed by John Wells and the Whiskey Bandit on Loud and Clear [18+]

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Written and Performed by John Wells ©John Wells, 2012 As a new singer/songwriter based in Syracuse, New York, John Wells melds a mellow acoustic folk/rock sound with poetic vocals and a naturally unique sound. With the newly formed band, "Whisky Bandit" John took Loud and Clear by storm mellowing out the season. Make sure to check out John Wells and the Whisky Bandit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Whiskey-Bandit/358494057497470 From The Artist: " 'Cowboy Killer' was also written in the summer of 2011 about a dream I had while sleeping on the back porch of a friends house. Loud and Clear Production Team: Executive Producer: Grant Margolin Director: Adam Heicklen Chief Editor, Post-Production, Creative Producer: Josh Eisenfeld Chief Audio Producer, Mixer, Creative Producer: Josh Deane Producer:Aaron Frank Graphics: Diana Backer About the Show: In its second season, "Loud and Clear," on behalf of the Orange Television Network, OTN, at Syracuse University seeks to bring quality, creative, and original music programming to both the Syracuse University, and larger Central New York communities. It is of our highest intention to expose these communities to new innovative talent in a medium which they may have not been exposed to otherwise, giving the [local] artist a chance to expand their fan base just within their geographic reach. This season we will be featuring ten musical acts, across all genres, in a documentary-style television production featuring both "live" artist performances and interviews. Please "like" us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/loudandclearsu "Follow" us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/loudandclearsu Disclaimer: Please note that this video, and any other videos produced by Syracuse Loud and Clear are not released commercially, no monies are derived from the broadcast of any content, and that Loud and Clear does not accept or partner with any companies, nor does it accept advertisements. Please note that all credit is retained by the songwriter and publisher for cover songs.
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