LAZYTOWN : "Best Friend" by ToyBox

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Published 22 Jul 2011
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Stephanie sings about her *best* friend Sportacus while mischievious Robbie causes trouble! 

[notes] Sept2...
Stephanie sings about her *best* friend Sportacus while mischievious Robbie causes trouble! 

[notes] Sept2009: OY IT'S BAAACK!! ;D Haha, sooo, didja miss it? LOL I can't believe this was made over three years ago!! And I hope you enjoy it, this version altho the only thing new is the frame, the brightness, the nametag, took NiNE HOURS and TWENTY-ONE MiNUTES to render!! (thank you, Sony Vegas.. lmao) I *didn't* change the end titles as it would have been too much more work and they're still basically good enough, so ignore their cheesiness, hehe.. XD You can also download the XViD AVi, 1280x720 @ 25fps [16:9] at and (smaller) The quality isn't the "greatest" since I used the *original* 640x480 XViD AVi but eh well, it's still very decent! ;P Here's hoping we get the entire series released on DVD and in widescreen someday soon! 

[notes] August2006: I'm completely nutters.. I haven't slept in two days straight just cuz I finally got around to doing this vid.. o.o Why? Well, it all started from a ~random~ YT search of the phrase "pink hair", which lead me to a vid of two girls (with one indeed, having pink hair! lol) dancing to this song I'd never heard before - and then omg, I just *knew* I had to vid LT to it! And then finally, I got the rest of the LT dvds, altho it took a bit to convert them into "viddable form", lol.. And, ta-daa! Enjoy my insanity! 

LT stars Julianna Rose Mauriello as ~Stephanie~, along with Magnús Scheving as *Sportacus*, and of course, Stefán Karl Stefánsson as Robbie Rotten! 

ViDDER: SimbiAni 

JRM @ 

ToyBox @ 


COMMENTS ARCHiVE: (from 2006-now) 


Best Friend [MP3] by ToyBox 

FanTastic [CD] by ToyBox 

ToyRide [CD] by ToyBox 

LT US v1 New Superhero [DVD] 

LT US v2 Surprise Santa [DVD] 

LT US v3 Robbie's Greatest Misses [DVD] 

LT US v4 Sports Candy Festival [DVD] 

LT US v5 Records Day [DVD] 

LT US v6 Swiped Sweets [DVD] 

LazyTown US 2005 [CD] by LazyTown 

LazyTown UK 2006 [CD] by LazyTown 

LazyTown UK 2008 [CD] by LazyTown 

LazyTown AU 2009 [CD] by LazyTown 

MADE W/: Pinnacle Studio ( ) 
+ Vegas ( ) 

DiSCLAiMER: I, SimbiAni, agree that this fan-edited video is in full compliance with the U.S.C. Title 17 / Section 107, which constitutes a "fair use" agreement from all of the rightful copyright owners involved with all of the material used in this video.
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