Silent Hill 2 - Chibi Edition (german Fandub)

By: TheTrueBlacky


Uploaded on January 06, 2009 by TheTrueBlacky Powered by YouTube

At last! It's finally finished after so many months in the making^^
I proudly presents the "Silent Hill 2 Chibi Edition" animation, blockbuster on Newgrounds and one of the funniest videogame spoofs.
That one was hard to make because I had to make a decision whether I add german subs to the video or just let the original ones in it. Well, I decided to sub the clip too after all.
I hope you like it, as I enjoyed making it for you ;)

PS: Don't mind the one or two aberrations in the video, it's the crappy youtube widescreen format causing this -_-
Written by: Knickknack - Burn Ward
Animated by: Scorch & Fierdon
german voice actors: NekoDesuDesu, Strawbellycake, Xamuel7, Blacky

Visit the newground site for the original version of Silent Hill Chibi Edition here:

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