New Moon Enya

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*Update 02/27/11
- This was one of my first fanvideos EVER, so I don't appreciate all the negativity towards it.
- I don't care if you don't like Twilight, you obviously shouldn't have clicked on it then. It CLEARLY states it in the title.
-I've had to disable all comments because so many people were complaining, which is really a shame because that blocks the positive comments too.
-So, I hope all of you negative people are happy.

Okay so this video looks a little random in the beggining, but that's just setting the scene for when Edward leaves in the middle of the vid. So please watch the whole thing before you judge it :)

0:00-0:02 Jasper tries to attack Bella
0:10 Edward driving Bella home and seeming distant
0:22-1:18 Edward tries to pull away from Bella to make leaving easier
1:20-1:32 Bella attempting to persuade Edward not to go
1:34-2:16 Bella in her zombie state
2:16-2:44 Bella dreaming of Edward
2:46-2:50 Bella remembers he's gone
3:06-3:10 Charlie telling Bella she's "lifeless"
3:30-3:43 Bella finds the meadow and remembers being there with Edward
3:44-4:04 Jacob comes into Bella's life cheering her up

songs: Tempus Vernum & Deora Ar Mo Chroi

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