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ALL CREDITS ARE LISTED BELOW...WITH LINKS Song: Taken on a Hallows Eve ~ by Dhruva Aliman *******www.dhruva...
ALL CREDITS ARE LISTED BELOW...WITH LINKS Song: Taken on a Hallows Eve ~ by Dhruva Aliman *******www.dhruvaaliman****/ Video Clips, IN ORDER-- Alligator head still alive ***********/watch?v=-aRi9_Ppepo Amazing Bunny Opens letter ***********/watch?v=0ns4uDfL1i4 Im a cat... no wait, now Im a bunny ***********/watch?v=H1qe2_cvDaU Spider Cat ***********/watch?v=pDdLEpz0Ay8 Amazing Parkour Cat ***********/watch?v=Fa_V0y81oc4 man killed by horse ***********/watch?v=BrcW6k4lg1Q Moose Hit By a Car and Walks Away ***********/watch?v=R5RPGmVpeoE Moose Encounter ***********/watch?v=6zGx_unLvDY Sheep Cyclone Car, ewe shall not pass ***********/watch?v=pysET6UvN60 Blue Water Spearfishing in Baja ***********/watch?v=hYTM9kxlLDk Crazy Horse Crash ***********/watch?v=hYTM9kxlLDk Horse Accident (Fogathajtó Baleset) ***********/watch?v=WV32IErUTs0 Tiger Surgery - Big Cat Rescue ***********/watch?v=u_IHMPVFyq8 curiosity (almost) killed the cameraman ***********/watch?v=8vZye09ckAo Lions Tackle Artis Heron at Zoo ***********/watch?v=8dfgR_R7RGs Cleaning the cobra pit ***********/watch?v=YIMigVo1pyA Untamed and Uncut - Gator Attacks Handler ***********/watch?v=brXoBZ-n4Jg Curious Baby Elephant Seal ***********/watch?v=ImGWZYY3yeI Seal Falls In Love With Woman ***********/watch?v=JmgkgNR6AME Elephant Seal Pups Just Want To Cuddle ***********/watch?v=RoJTbfnCVkA Surfing Dolphins on St. Pete Beach ***********/watch?v=YYndwI_n5ng Surfing with Jumping Dolphin in St. Pete, FL ***********/watch?v=3Le4PrZupNA Kiteboarding with Dolphins - Freakin sweet! ***********/watch?v=Gb2R_2DTTfQ KILLER WHALE JUMPS ON GUY! ***********/watch?v=iig-Eq2biK4 Reindeer attacks reporter (High Quality) ***********/watch?v=rFbdaKAwpDg Reindeer Attacks Zookeeper ***********/watch?v=juc4yzqHJ5A COPYRIGHT OWNERS PLEASE READ BELOW--- In exchange for your amazing clips I'd like to offer you free production music from my music library to use in your youtube videos. Go to my site to check out my tunes-- *******www.dhruvaaliman****/ And if you want to hear all of them (over a hundred tracks), contact me directly and I will give you a link to play them all. I use these clips in good faith under the "Fair Use" law and give credit to all the uploaders on the video itself as well as in the description. Also my videos get millions of hits and help drive traffic to your channels. If there is a clip you absolutely do not want on my video compilations then please email me and I will PROMTLY take down the video and replace your clip with something else, and then re-upload the video. There is no need to file a copyright claim. Emailing me will be faster! Thanks.