Better Than Yod'm 3D?(free Download)

By: LilSpankey93


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____I think this is a better visual display cube than Yod'm 3D: Yod'm 3D has just a cube. Shock 4way has 4 visual effects as you can see in this video!______

How to use: download then click on the icon. there will be like a mini icon on the bottom right were it shows the time. right click on it, then find options. it's hen first box with the down arrow, pick a effect. You can exit the options window, left click on the mini icon and it will bring you to the effect. use the arrows on the keyboard to move screens

Music-Lil Wayne-Yea Develop
Screen recorder-oRipa Screen Recorder 1.2(free at
Windows XP
Windows movies maker :P

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