Raising Rabbits Quick Overview

By: bigolcountry


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A training session of four videos presented to other Peace Corps volunteers in Saint Lucia to start Rabbit Projects in their villages.

The four videos cover:
1. Overview of rabbit raising.
2. Feeding
3. Rabbit Health
4. Breeding

You can find other videos on hutch design at http://www.youtube.com/user/bigolcountry and my blog on rabbit raising and my Peace Corps experience at http://bigcountryleo.blogspot.com/.

The rabbit project is a great project to boost a disadvantage families income or provide more food for the table, a few rabbit can be maintained with vegetable scraps and local vegetation, the biggest expense is rabbit feed which must be fed rabbits a minimum of every other day. A natural rabbit feed recipe can be found on my blog to reduce costs to minimal levels.

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