Maserati MC12 + Aston Martin V8 V600 LM + Carrera GT Seized by the Police !!!

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I stumbled upon a very very odd scene today. Some supercars were being seized by the police in Avenue Foch, Paris. Among them there was a very rare Maserati MC12 (only 50 in the world) and a red Aston Martin V8 V600 Le Mans (only 40 in the world) as well as a white Rolls Royce Phantom coupé. A yellow Porsche Carrera GT was also waiting to be towed by truck. Pretty insane sight, don't you think? Now thing is I missed most of the party: they had already seized a red Ferrari Enzo, 599 GTO, full blue Bugatti Veyron, chrome Veyron GrandSport, and possibly the red Aston Martin One-77....

Now what you've all been waiting for = why are they seizing the cars?? These cars are said to belong to the son of the african president of Equatorial Guinea (some might say a dictator), who is really fond of cars. But I don't know why the french police was seizing the supercars, and it's not of my concern! Let justice do the work, and let's simply admire the cars :)

Filmed with a Sony HDR CX700

EDIT: thanks for watching guys! This video has become quite a success already! Been featured on The Daily Mail,, Jalopnik, TeamSpeed, GTSpirit, SportAuto, and even french TV (BFMTV)... and many more I guess :)

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Hope you enjoy!


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