The Best Cory Aquino Tribute

By: GalizaAlbert


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Cory Aquino.A slideshow of pictures and videos of former president corazon aquino.. A video to know her being the Champion And icon of Democracy and she chage the lives of all filipinos worldwide.

Cory Aquino,Cory Aquino,Cory Aquino,Cory Aquino
"A Good Filipino Citizen
An Outstanding President
A mother to all of us

and above all..
She changed the live of filipinos forever
thank you tita cory for setting us free
we love and will miss you!"

i had teary eyes making this video.. even i dont know much about president cory because i was still young back then but when my lola told me that cory did a great job shaping the lives of all filipinos in the world it really meant a lot to me. hope you enjoy it!

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