Our Last Summer (Mamma Mia Movie SoundTrack)

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I can still recall
our last summer
I still see it all
Walks along the seine
Laughing in the rain
Our last summer
Memories that remain
We made our way along the river
And we sat down in the grass
By the Eiffel Tower
I was so happy we had met
It was the age of no regret
Oh yes
Those crazy years, that was the time
Of the flower power
But underneath
We had a frear of flying
Of growing old
A fear of slowly dying
We took a chance
Like we were dancing our last dance
I can still recall
Our Last summer
I still see it all
In the tourist jam
'Round the Notre Dame
Our last summer
Walking hand in hand
Paris restaurants
Our last summer
Morning croissants
Our last summer
We could laugh and play
And now your working in a bank
A family man
A football fan
And you name is Harry
How dull it seems
Are you the hero od my dreams?
I can Still recall
Our last summer...

A song from Mamma Mia the smash hit movie starring : Meryl Streep , Pierce Brosnan , Colin Firth , Stellin SkarsgÅrd , Julie Walters , Dominic Cooper , Amanda Seyfried and Christine Baranski.

Music and Lyrics by : BENNY ANDERSON & BJÖRN ULVAEUS based on the songs of ABBA.Directed by - Phyllida Lloyd

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