SHIFTER MOD Pt3 - Starsiege: Tribes MODS TUTORIALS - (Part 5)

By: azuritereaction


Uploaded on April 25, 2012 by azuritereaction Powered by YouTube

Don't wanna miss videos? Follow my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr! Links below. Link to a FULL, FREE & LEGAL copy of the game is below. YOU NEED BOTH OF THESE: Full Game = Service/Update pack = (installation instructions are in "1.40.655_sp1_read.txt" in the zip file) NEW Tribes game coming out (Tribes Ascend) & the current license holders: In my opinion, this is honestly the best FPS ever made. I go on about why I feel this way in the video, but yeah. Now, obviously Doom and Wolfenstein were more influential, but in terms of overall gameplay and everything else, yeah. Hopefully these videos will get people into the game more :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more stuff on the links down here! MORE VIDEOS! TWITTER, FACEBOOK & TUMBLR CLOTHING/MERCHANDISE BUSINESS EMAIL dezmondac at gmail
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