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HD + BOTH HEADPHONES + TINY PLAYER PLEASE. ///READ ME/// Plot: Nakoma is telling Pocahontas about this island further down the river that they live near. Intrigued, Pocahontas wants to go and check it out. Nakoma warns her not to, since she'd heard that it was dangerous. Pocahontas goes anyway. She sees visonish things of Ariel in the water. She continues on, more interested. Then BAM Ariel pops up, suddenly human. They meet, introduce themselves and become friends. Pocahontas has been out all night and tells Ariel that she has to go home, but assures her that she will come back. Nakoma confronts Pocahontas the next day, claiming that she's been different ever since she went to the island. Nakoma accuses her of hiding something and Pocahontas tells her abour Ariel, and admits that she's fallen for her. Nakoma is shocked and worried about Pocahontas. (I didn't fit this in, but Pocahontas is told by Nakoma that the chief has forbidden everyone from going out there.) Pocahontas explains this to Ariel, who tells Pocahontas to come home with her so that they can be together. Pocahontas leaves, deciding it's a bad idea. On the way home, she changes her mind, and Ariel is surprised to see that she accepted. They swim off together and live happily ever after. c: ------ All of the information is in the video. c: This was my first crossover, haha. I hope you guys enjoy it~ Sony Vegas Pro 10. ♥
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