Dekha Ek Khwaab - Episode 7 - 29th November 2011

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Uday tries to make fun of Jagat and J as J brings Jagat to Uday's favorite saloon for a makeover, later Monia gets jealous of a Girl who was roaming with Aakash in the mall as she was newly appointed and also gets shocked as Aakash ignored her. Komal introduces Jagat to Uday's sister Unnati and later they head towards Uday's restro bar party in which Uday gets too personal with J on the dance floor and Jagat was left alone in the party. Monia is still upset with Aakash's behavior. Will Jagat marry J? Will Monia reveal her love for Aakash? Will Doctor succeed in finding Murrari and Monia? Somewhere in us all of us have for us a large dream. A dream we visit now and then secretly. A dream which we ourselves believe is out of our reach. Few of us see life throw the dream at us. But when dreams come true overnight they bring with them a set of challenges, complexities and difficult decisions.  Muniya's dream of turning into a princess has come true.What will be the new challenges? Can Muniya live up to the challenges? Will hers be a happily-ever-after Story? Come witness the story unfold: Dekha Ek Khwaab.
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