Natty Boh (National Bohemian) DJs BrewTube Beer Review #34

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To Subscribe: Facebook Link: Twitter Link: Aloha BrewTube: In this episode my best drinking buddy Johnny joins me to review a Baltimore local favorite / traditional beer, National Bohemian, AKA NATTY BOH. This review was fun but it is far from one of our favorites. It is true what they say, one your palate changes you just cannot go back to the fizzy piss colored alcoholic corn water. Anyway, enjoy the video review. Written review follows. CHEERS!!!!! DJ NATTY BOH Review: A: Clear, light golden piss color with a thin white head that forms an dissipates quickly. Yawn....... S: Light cooked grains and a trace of malt sweetness. Nothing else. T: Corn, malt, metallic and almost no hops. M: Thin, watery, too much carbonation. O: If you are from the Baltimore area you have probably swilled a Natty Boh. This is beer is a Baltimore institution / cult. People actually tattoo them selves the the Natty Boh guy. Enjoy, I think? Well maybe not.....
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