We Were Once A Fairytale--Kanye West (Directed By Spike Jonze)

By: 1McGruff


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In December of 2008, Kanye West sent Spike Jonze his song "See You in My Nightmares from 808s and Hearbreaks. They'd been talking for quite awhile about working on a project together, and it was finally a good time for both of them. Spike wrote a story for the song, working off of the raw feeling of 808s and Heartbreak. He Suggested they do it as a short film, which would free them up creatively, and Kanye agreed. Spike, knowing Kanye's level of commitment, cast him as the lead characted -- a pathetic, sad drunk in a club. Spike wanted to get a raw, shameless performance, and Kanye went for it, wholeheartedly. They filmed it over the course of two days at a club in West Hollywood, with a very low budget and a skeleton crew. It became an experimental short film for them. Spike says, "Our idea was just to see if we could make a short film, pay for it ourselves, put it on iTunes, and see what happens."--iTunes...

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