Spiderman 4: Venom Movie Trailer (Fake)

By: bloodrunsclear


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A request from several of my subscribers.
This is meant to be for Spiderman 4 which I'm subtitling Venom. Although there's to be a stand-alone Venom movie I frankly don't know how that could make anything like a compelling story. Venom is a monster with no motivation but hunger, and we already know how he comes about! In my opinion Venom should be Spiderman 4.
The story would probably draw from the new Spiderman game Web of Shadows which explores the concept of Venom spreading his symbiote to the entire city of New York, even infecting Spidey again with the Black Suit. From the previews I've seen the suit does a lot more then let him jump really far like in the movie Spiderman 4.
Hope you enjoy it!

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