Talisman Numai Una (Only She)

By: LonelyMoonRise


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Based on a poem by George Cosbuc"Only she"
Thanks to user"mikypusz"for translation.

on her shoulders her hair flows as a river,
thin as a wheaten ear,with the black apron adusted on her waist,
I can't take my eyes of her!
I grow pale when I see her,
and if I don't,I fall ill
and when others come to woo her,
only priests can stop me!
Chatting on the way,thee hours pass by
She leaves,
I pretend to do the same,
but I stay there,watching her,
until y only see the horizont!
Might the others say what they want!
She's the one I love and she's mine!
Before leaving her,
I rather burn down the whole village!

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